Kevin Hart Speaks With Meek Mill In Prison; Says He’s In A Good Mental Space


Meek Mill has been receiving a ton support from behind bars as he serves his controversial sentencing for violating probation. Everyone from Jay Z, T.I., Wale, Rick Ross, Ben Simmons, Joell Embiid, and even Patriots owner Robert Kraft have all showed their support and/or visited the MMG rapper in the Pennsylvania state prison. As lately however, we’ve been getting a few more updates than usual, as NBC’s Lester Holt got on the phone with the Philly rapper yesterday and talked with Meek about his sentencing. Then on Friday, just 24 hours after Lester Holt called in, Meek decided to hop back on the phone with fellow Philadelphia superstar Kevin Hart, who took to his Instagram to share a couple things from their chat.

“Just got f the phone with @meekmill ….I love my guy…He’s in a really good space and wanted me to share some things with you guys!!!!! #FreeMeekMill #Philadelphia #MyBrother #PositivityBeatsNegativityEveryDayOfTheWeek,” Kev’s captions read.

Kevin says Meek isn’t allowing this minor setback to break him, and is displaying another level mental toughness. Kev added: “Meek wanted me to tell all his fans and supporters that he truly appreciates all your support & that he loves all you for that.”

As for when he’ll be out remains to be seen as rumors were saying that Meek could be released as early as next week, but we found out that isn’t going to be happening unfortunately.

While we wait for further updates, check out Kevin’s lengthy message (below). #FreeMeekMill