Kevin Hart Refuses Payback For the $300 Loan He Once Gave Tiffany Haddish


Hart’s loan to Haddish saved her from living in a car years ago.

Night School costars Tiffany Haddish and Kevin Hart go way back. As some fans already know, Hart once gave Haddish 300 dollars — all the money he was carrying at the time — when he realized she was living in her car. The now super-successful Haddish is trying to repay Hart, but he's refusing to accept. 

Hart posted a video Thursday (July 19) Haddish making cash rain on him during an interview, but captioned the post "What she doesn’t know is that I put the money back in one her wig caps that she wasn’t wearing later that day!!!!" He continued to say "I love u and I will never take from you. You being my Co-Star in my movie 'Night School' was more than enough. Love u with ur funky ass!!!!" 

In a follow up post, Haddish discovered the hidden cash, saying "Am I gonna have to fight you to give you this money back?!" She captioned the post, "Thank You very much. But You getting this money back. I am paying you back! I pay all my loans f. That is something you and my Grandma taught me 'never owe nobody money." 

Back in May, Hart joked to Jimmy Kimmel that he was waiting for Haddish to initiate the payback, saying "It's one those things where I'm waiting on her to say it." It's unclear how far the hilarious actress will go to repay Hart, but we'll stay tuned.

Check out the Instagram posts below.