Kevin Hart Denies Sex Tape Scandal Ruined Deal In $7M Lawsuit: Report


Kevin Hart’s already addressed his cheating scandal but he still has some explaining to do. The comedian was sued last year by Stand Up Digital who teamed up with Kevin Hart to create a game app. Kevin Hart’s sex tape scandal came to light and impacted his career for a short period of time but Stand Up Digital claimed the controversy had a heavy impact on the app’s sales. They sued Kevin Hart for $7M but the comedian is fighting to have the suit tossed.

Kevin Hart Denies Sex Tape Scandal Ruined Deal In $7M Lawsuit: Report
 Al Bello/Getty Images


According to The Blast, Kevin Hart claims the quality of the game is what actually caused the low sales of the app. The comedian not only denied that his affair had any sort of impact on the game’s lack of success but pointed out that critics pointed out flaws in the final version.

“Negative reviews identified flaws with the underlying gameplay,” he said. “The game was also overly-intrusive for players and had technical flaws. Despite Plaintiff’s representations to this Court, Mr. Hart posted and promoted the game, even in the wake of his scandal, but to no avail. The problem was that Plaintiff was undercapitalized and lacked adequate funding to properly maintain and update the game in its formative stages.”

He said that Stand Up Digital is “living in a fantasy world similar to the game it created.” He said that they believe that they aren’t willing to take any accountability for the game’s failure.