Kevin Hart Allegedly Refuses To Hand Over Social Media Info In $7M Lawsuit


One of the biggest scandals of 2018 was the extortion plot on Kevin Hart over his infidelity. He was being blackmailed to cough up millions of dollars or have his sex tape leaked on the internet. He refused to cough up any money and subsequently exposed himself on social media. He became a punchline and a meme but he had another big L to deal with. His former business partners sued him for $7M. They claimed that his scandal caused their app to fail. They recently demanded that the comedian turn over social media information which they claim Hart has refused to do.

Kevin Hart Allegedly Refuses To Hand Over Social Media Info In $7M Lawsuit
James Gourley/Getty Images

According to The Blast, Stand Up Digital is begging a judge to help them get information from Kevin Hart’s Instagram and Twitter accounts after the comedian refused. They originally demanded he hand over certain analytics from his social media platforms including specific numbers for the posts he made about the app. The information is imperative for the company to build its case against the comedian. They want Hart to hand over the info and they want him to be sanctioned.

Stand Up Digital initially sued Hart for failing to communicate with them after he confessed to his extramarital affair. Hart later filed a countersuit, claiming that the company refuses to take responsibility for the app’s failure. He said the app was “released into an app market where the overwhelming majority of gaming apps make insignificant revenue, and the few successful games, such as ‘Game of War,’ have advertising budgets in the tens of millions of dollars.”

Hart later argued that he was going through a rough patch in life at the time. He added that he didn’t respond to the company because he was busy working with the FBI during their investigation.