Kevin Gates Has Been Released From Jail


It’s a very good day for rapper Kevin Gates, his family, friends and his large fan base around the world: as this writing, he’s a free man once again.

As per TMZ, the By Any Means 2 artist was released from prison as scheduled earlier this morning and, thankfully, there was no surprise warrant waiting around for him once he was outside those penitentiary walls. He walked out after serving nine months a 30-month sentence in an Illinois state facility on a weapons charge. 

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As has been previously mentioned in the coverage leading up to Gates’ release, he’s out on parole and under mandatory supervision for the time being. As such, he cannot be in possession any firearms, lest he want to be put back in the slammer. It’s been a long road to legitimate freedom for the rapper, who was released from a Florida prison last year, after he had served time for kicking a woman at one his concerts. However, the weapons charge that, by all accounts had been mostly forgotten, resurfaced and ultimately earned him another nine months behind bars.

We also reported that Gates is focused on giving back to the community by imparting some life lessons on the youth today concerning personal conduct and how they can avoid the same fate – jail time – that he’s fallen victim to over the years. Working with some well-known organizations, including the Boys & Girls Club, the emcee hopes to help change the lives many and make a difference on a global scale.

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