Kevin Gates Details Why He Has Such A High Sex Drive


Currently, the majority of the conversation surrounding Kevin Gates‘ name concerns his great new album, I’m Him. However, there was a period in time – specifically around the Vine era – when his name became strongly associated with the act of ass-eating. He repeatedly declared himself as a staunch advocate of the ual practice and it became somewhat of a running joke that he was so unabashedly candid about a topic that was rather taboo. The Baton Rouge rapper even served as the inspiration behind Jhene Aiko‘s “Post To Be” quotable: “Might let your boy chauffeur me, but he got to eat the booty like groceries.” 

It’s now been several years since Gates made this confession, so people have largely moved on from thinking of him as that rapper with an affinity for anilingus. However, it appears Nick Cannon is still kinda stuck on the topic because he felt compelled to bring it up in his recent interview with Gates. Cannon started the conversation by bestowing Gates with the title of being “one of the guys that made eating ass cool.” Gates nonchalantly responded with his usual explanation for his preferences. “I’m a giver. It pleases me to please my partner. That’s just me,” he said. Cannon, reaching his classic level of overexcitement, shouts, “I’m with Kevin! I’ve done that before! I’ll put my face all in it!”

Gates continues sharing with the intense composure of a guru. “If people ask me why my is greater and why I have such a high drive… I practice semen retention.” For those who aren’t as knowledgeable regarding these affairs as Gates, the self-control cultivated through semen retention is said to have significant health, ual and spirituals benefits. 

The discussion proceeded to get even wilder when it pivoted to female excretion. I’m not gonna share all the quotes here, but let’s just say Gates and Cannon are both avid fans. If you’re interesting in hearing Gates spill more of his wisdom and Cannon burst out with more of his commentary, you can watch at the 9:40-mark in the video below. 

It all makes more sense that Gates is such a romantic when you considered the fact that his favourite novel is Nicholas Sparks’ The Notebook, as he mentioned in the interview as well.