Kevin Durant Schools NBA Twitter About Double-Teaming In Pickup Games


We still have *checks calendar* two more months until the 2019-20 NBA regular season tips off, and that TNT double-header can’t come soon enough because basketball fans, and players, are running out of things to talk about.

The most recent, hotly debated #NBATwitter discussion pertains to double-teams during pickup games. It all started earlier this week when Phoenix Suns shooting guard Devin Booker got heated after Joakim Noah’s squad sent a double-team at him as soon as he caught the ball.

A number of fans have weighed in since that video surfaced, many of which criticized Book for complaining about the defense. Now, a few NBA players are coming out in defense of Booker, including Trae Young and Kevin Durant. Young shared his opinion with a single tweet, while Durant spent some time responding to several commenters on Wednesday night.

Among Durant’s tweets:

“You matchup with your position. U need double teams all game? In pickup? Cmon now, what we doing?”

“GUARD UP! It’s pickup, if u weak defensively then work on it in the summer cuz if u need a double during the season then coach sittin u on the yine”

“First off book averaged 7 assists this season so he obviously knows how to make the right play but it’s pickup, if Jo wanted the stop he should’ve guarded him before they checked the rock. All one on one fades in pickup. Maybe some help at the rim”

Keep scrolling for a look at KD’s debate with NBA Twitter while we continue to count down the days until October 22.