Kevin Durant Out At Least Two Weeks With Rib Fracture


Well here’s some more bad news for Warriors fans. Not only is Steph Curry & Klay Thompson out the lineup at the moment, but Kevin Durant will be joining them. On Friday, an MRI revealed that the superstar forward has an incomplete rib cartilage fracture, and will be out the lineup for the next two weeks.

Based on the time table, the two week period will run through the rest March, and the Warriors will have 6 games in April before the playfs begin. So they’ll have some time to play together before it really counts. The Warriors are 7-1 when Durant doesn’t play this season, but Thompson and Curry played in each those wins. However the one loss came when Steph was out as well.

Earlier in the week, the Warriors said the Steph would be sidelined for atlas another week, while Play has a fractured right thumb and will be re-evaluated March 22.

At this time, the Warriors are two games behind the Houston Rockets for the first seed in the West, but now with this KD injury this doesn’t help their chances overtaking the West. And we know the Rockets with home court advantage could be trouble for Golden State, so it’ll be interesting to see how it all plays out.

Check out the clip (below) KD explaining how the injury occurred.