Kevin Durant Continues To Make Achilles Progress Without Crutches: Photos


Kevin Durant suffered a ruptured Achilles tendon during Game 5 of the NBA Finals this past season. Because of this injury, Durant will have to miss all of next season as he rehabs what has proven to be one of the most devastating injuries in the history of sports. Luckily, Durant has some pretty great resources at his disposal and he has been chilling in LA this Summer while getting all of the treatment he needs. Just last week, Durant was spotted without any crutches which was a good sign for all of the Brooklyn Nets fans out there who are hoping for a speedy recovery. Nets fans will be even happier to know that Durant is still able to walk without crutches and he even looks pretty comfortable working out based on these new images courtesy of @iamomeez.

Some fans are worried that Durant won’t be the same player when he comes back to the court, although so far, things are looking pretty good for the Nets star. It’s still early into his recovery but being able to walk without crutches is a huge development for someone who couldn’t walk under their own power just a month ago. 

If Durant can return to the Nets at the same level he was at earlier this season, then the Nets will be an automatic title contender in 2020-2021.