Kendall Jenner Denies Pregnancy Rumors, Blames Physique On Bagels


Rumors that a fourth Kardashian family member would be welcoming a child into the world was squashed emphatically yesterday when Kendall Jenner, seemingly the only young woman in that family to not be dealing with a pregnancy, chalked any “baby bump” semblance to a simple love carbs.

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The model and social media mogul took to Twitter on Saturday (December 30th) to set the record straight about her physique. It turns out that, at the end the day, she’s just really down with bagels. Check out her entire post below.

The picture she’s responding to, which was shared by MTV Australia, cited the noticeable growth in the midsection area and supposed that perhaps Kendall was the latest Kardashian family member to become an expectant mother. Fans were certainly perturbed by the news, but the Twitter response from the reality TV star herself should at least slow the rumor mill, unlike her sister, Kylie. You can see the original photo below.

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As for the other Ms. Jenner, she’s been curiously absent from the public eye, making the murmurs about her still-not-confirmed but much-talked about pregnancy all but ficially confirmed news. There was even an uproar when Kim Kardashian removed all her family portrait photos from Instagram, with everyone assuming that it was due to the Kylie backlash. In the end, that wasn’t true, but the whispers about Kylie’s baby and when he or she will enter the world continue to grow louder and louder.