Kendall Jenner Blamed By 76ers & Ben Simmons Fans For Series Loss


Last night, Kawhi Leonard once again came through in the clutch with a last-minute buzzer beater to win the game for the Toronto Raptors. With the series having gone seven games against the Philadelphia 76ers, the game was anybody’s to win. The Raps ended up on top and now, Philly fans are starting to point the blame at somebody who is not really even associated with the team.

Instead of simply looking forward to the future and thinking of what can be done to improve the team even further this offseason, some Sixers fans are taking their frustrations out on Kendall Jenner. The reality star has been romantically connected to Ben Simmons, the team’s star forward, for months and people are getting pretty tired of seeing her on the sideline. Some fans want Simmons to drastically improve his shot this offseason, looking for proof that he’s been living in the gym and working towards the betterment of the team. Others don’t really care if he’s spending hours upon hours training as long as he’s not just chilling with Kendall Jenner.

Kendall Jenner Blamed By 76ers & Ben Simmons Fans For Series Loss
Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

Last offseason, the two were spotted together frequently and now that the Sixers have been bounced from the playoffs, fans don’t want a repeat of 2018. They’ve gotten this far now and they can taste a championship. One particular fan offered Ben some good advice on how he can both improve his game and continue to bond with Kendall, writing, “If Ben Simmons spends his offseason with Kendall Jenner she better be rebounding for him in the gym.”

Do you think the Kardashian Kurse still exists and was it the cause for the Sixers’ demise?