Kelsea Ballerini Goes Makeup-Free in 'Back to Reality' Instagram Post


As one country's biggest sweethearts, Kelsea Ballerini is always sporting something sparkly and looking gorgeous. But the 24-year-old recently took to Instagram to remind fans that even superstars aren't flawless. 

Ballerini shared a time-lapse video her post-show process in which she wipes away her makeup and glitter, unapologetically going “back to reality.”

“I’m a girly girl and I love getting dressed up and playing in makeup and feeling like Beyoncé,” Ballerini captioned the post. “BUT. I also love not depending on those things for my self worth. I realize a lot the time our Social Media accounts are our highlight reels, but I really want to give you a genuine look at my real life on here. And while part it is glittery and airbrushed, The other part is this! Here’s the post-show back to reality no filter acne on my forehead look.”

The “I Hate Love Songs” singer also included a picture her completely makeup-free face, which she showed in another video (also shouting out Beyoncé) a few days prior.

Check out Ballerini's real-talk Insta post below.