Kelly Rowland’s "Chasing Destiny" Group Says She Hasn’t Been Involved In Their Career


Much like Diddy‘s Making the Band, in 2016 Kelly Rowland created and starred in a docuseries for BET. The show was called Chasing Destiny and followed Rowland and her crew as they attempted to select five girls to become the next hit girl group. Six hundred hopefuls auditioned and were narrowed down to 18 before Rowland chose her winners: Shyann from Florida, Brienna from New Jersey, Ashly and Gabby from California, and Kristal from North Carolina.

On the show, Rowland seemed genuinely invested in developing the careers of the ladies who later chose the name June’s Diary for their group. Yet, in the last three years, June’s Diary hasn’t really done much and according to them, Rowland hasn’t been around to help them. After LA Reid hastily exited Epic Records, the ladies were dropped from the label. That year they did release an EP titled All Of Us, but the project didn’t make waves they way they’d hoped.

Kelly Rowland's "Chasing Destiny" Group Says She Hasn't Been Involved In Their Career

Rachel Murray/Getty Images

In a recent interview, June’s Diary member Kristal was asked about the group’s relationship with Rowland. “No [she’s not involved],” the singer said. “She kinda wanted to take on a thing of her own. Kelly was trying to put out music prior and I think Chasing Destiny really gave her the confidence to just go out there and do it again, work on an album and work on her project. But, you know, it gave us wings, and we were like, ‘Alright, Kelly’s not here, so we gotta figure this out.'”

Kristal said she and her groupmates expected much more help from Rowland. “It didn’t work out that way, but, I think it worked out for us with our creativity and our bonding and us figuring each other out and really having to gel together and get it together. So, even though we did want her to be more involved, we love her and wish her the best in whatever her endeavors are. We started with her. Without her, we wouldn’t be here. It’s literally like college. You send your kids off to college, you got to let them grow up and do their own thing. And we appreciate her.”