Kelly Clarkson Forms ’90s Girl Group for Salt-N-Pepa & En Vogue Kellyoke Cover of ‘Whatta Man’


Kelly Clarkson kicked off her latest Kellyoke segment for The Kelly Clarkson Show a little differently on Monday (Dec. 2) when she brought her backup singers up front to take on Salt-N-Pepa feat. En Vogue's Billboard Hot 100 No. 3 hit "Whatta Man" as a full-fledged girl group.

Clarkson usually flies solo during her cover performances, but her impeccable range, of course, carried the funky R&B tune. The daytime talk show host and pop powerhouse stayed true to Salt's quips within the first verse, singing: "I finally found somebody who could make me laugh/ (Ha ha ha) You so crazy/ I think I wanna have your baby." 

As if the American Idol alum's vocals didn't make her stand out enough, her bright red checkered outfit finished the job.

Watch her entire "Whatta Man" performance below.