Keiynan Lonsdale Serves Fierce Looks, Fires Back at Haters in ‘Rainbow Dragon’ Watch


Keiynan Lonsdale has become known not only for his acting work on projects like Love, Simon and The Flash but as an exciting up-and-coming singer. On his latest track, the star is mixing up his signature sound to give his fans something new. 

On Tuesday (August 27), Lonsdale dropped a new song and video for "Rainbow Dragon," a fiery hip-hop track where the singer flexes his rap skills to let his detractors know who's in charge. In the song's second verse, as the voices of some disapproving listeners filter in, the star lets off some bars to put them in their place. "All them bullies made me strong while they talking trash/ Now I’m God & I show 'em how to make it clap," he spits.

The video, similarly, shows Lonsdale slowly evolving — he starts out in a colorful sweater, making a paper dragon in a white void. As the video progresses, though, the star tries out a few fierce looks, including braided weave and a sparkling dress-suit, before reaching his final rainbow dragon form, complete with serpentine eyes and flourescent, multi-colored wings. 

The star even addresses his departure last year from The Flash, where he played Wally West (a.k.a. Kid Flash) — as he lists off the things he "could" do, he offers a lyrical shrug to the show. "I could eat some ass if I wanted to/ I could smoke some grass if I wanted to/ I could quit The Flash if I wanted to," he raps.

Check out the full video of Keiynan Lonsdale's "Rainbow Dragon" below: