Kehlani Shares Another Fire Teaser From Upcoming Album That’s Seemingly About YG


Kehlani announced back in August that she was working on an album that would be all R&B based, giving fans something to look forward to as the summer months came to an end. “Second album coming and all i’m saying is rnb man… rnb. i said no snippets but fuck it this shit rockin,” she captioned the first teaser of her tape

Now a few weeks later, after Megan Thee Stallion confirmed that she’s featured on the album (that has yet to have a name) and after Kehlani and YG confirmed their cute romance, the “Honey” singer has dropped off yet another teaser to get us ready for the arrival. The song could very well be about YG since Kehlani sings about being her “best” self with someone and having their heart. “Soooooon. RnBay,” she captioned the clip. 

Kehlani previously opened up about her and YG’s relationship, something that was going on behind the scenes before the media ever got the word. “We were very frustrated,” she previously stated. “But we had planned to pop out anyway. We’re not trying to hide — it’s love. The paparazzi just caught us. It happens.”

This album’s bound to be a good one.