Kawhi Leonard Reportedly Buys Property In Toronto, Wants To Re-Sign


Kawhi Leonard and the Toronto Raptors are currently in the NBA Finals against the Golden State Warriors and with the series tied 1-1, the team has a pretty decent chance at winning the championship. As the season winds down, one of the biggest questions facing the Raptors is whether or not Kawhi will want to re-sign with the team in the offseason. When he first came to the Raptors, it was believed that he didn’t want to play with them but now it appears as though things have changed. Leonard was once linked to the Clippers and now, thanks to a report from TSN Radio Host Michael Landsberg and TrueHoop.com’s David Thorpe, it seems like the Raptors star wants to re-sign in Toronto and has even bought a property in the city.

Kawhi Leonard Reportedly Buys Property In Toronto, Wants To Re-Sign

Vaughn Ridley/Getty Images

“Everyone that I’ve talked to and is connected to his group agree the Raptors have done what they needed to do (to sign Leonard),” Thorpe said. “That doesn’t mean he can’t change his mind, of course he can, but as it stands today it’s hard to imagine that he would go somewhere else. Now he’s not going to sign a long-term deal, I wouldn’t think. He doesn’t have to. But it’s fair to guess he’s going to give at least a year or two more to Toronto to continue that relationship and see where it goes.”

As of right now, this is simply a report so things can definitely change, especially if the Raptors lose to the Warriors in the Finals. While re-signing in Toronto may seem like the smart thing to do, opinions and circumstances can always change.