Kawhi Leonard Jersey Hilariously Raised To The Rafters Of Fan’s Home


Kawhi Leonard won the Toronto Raptors their first championship in franchise history this past year and fans of the team will never forget it. Even though Leonard has moved on to the Los Angeles Clippers, fans are still grateful for what Leonard has done and what he ultimately means to the franchise. There has already been talk about Leonard’s jersey and whether or not it should be raised to the rafters at Scotiabank Arena. Considering he only played one season there, some could make the argument that such an honor is a stretch, while others believe he should at least get a statue.

One fan took the Kawhi Leonard idolatry to new heights recently as they made their own makeshift jersey retirement ceremony. Using a rope, a hanger, and a Leonard jersey, the fan slowly raised the jersey from the floor of their house all the way to the upper guard railing. The video, which was posted to Twitter, ended up going viral with over 27,000 likes.

The Raptors will also be without Danny Green who opted to sign with the Los Angeles Lakers this past offseason. Had Kawhi stayed in Toronto, Green would have too, meanwhile, if Leonard signed with the Lakers, Green would have accepted a deal with the Dallas Mavericks.