Kawhi Leonard Has NBA Fans Salivating After Steal & Dunk: Watch


Kawhi Leonard captured the NBA’s attention this summer when he took forever to make his decision as to which team he was signing with. In the end, Leonard chose the Los Angeles Clippers and thanks to his presence, they are looking like an early favorite to win the championship. Despite some load management here and there, the Clippers have been flying and are out to a 5-2 start. 

Last night, the Clippers picked up their fifth win of the season against the always-formidable Utah Jazz. One of the biggest highlights to come from the game was when Leonard pulled the ball out of an opposing players’ hands and stormed down the court for a quick dunk. In the video below, you can see the play in all of its glory except this time, it’s in slow-motion.

With plays like this, you can see exactly why Clippers fans are so excited about this season. They haven’t had much to cheer about over the past few decades and when you have a player this dynamic, it’s hard not to think the championship is all but secured.

Fans on Twitter seemed to be pretty impressed by the play, even if there were some questions about traveling. Regardless, Leonard’s presence has already been felt in L.A.