Katy Perry Says 'Opposites Attract' When it Comes to Her Relationship With Orlando Bloom


What's Katy Perry's secret to creating her relationship with Orlando Bloom work? Balance. 

"He's at all times attempting to get me to hike, yoga, eat vegan," Perry instructed Entertainment Tonight in a video interview with fellow American Idol choose Luke Bryan. "I'm like, aghhh!"

Indeed, Bloom has apparently been attempting to include extra wholesome habits into their lives. "Katy's like, 'I'll hike to Taco Bell; with ya," Bryan joked. "I certain will!" Perry stated. "Crunchwrap Supreme, additional meat, additional onions." Bryan additionally admitted that his health habits and physique couldn't examine to Bloom's.

"There's a steadiness," Perry continued. "I feel once you're interested in somebody, it's kind of like how opposites entice. I'm in search of that steadiness and perhaps he's in search of...I'm such a multitasker."

Meanwhile, American Idol is holding Perry busy lately. "This season of American Idol persons are taking us severely," she stated. "And with that, loads of wonderful expertise. Talent I feel that ought to already be signed or have file offers...they're exhibiting up for us." 

American Idol will return on ABC in 2019 with host Ryan Seacrest and choose Lionel Richie alongside Perry and Bryan.