Katy Perry Invites You to a Love Utopia in Dreamy ‘Never Really Over’ Video Teaser: Watch


"It's a place where you go to heal your heart."

With just two days to go until we get the new Katy Perry song, the singer gave us the first glimpse of the "Never Really Over" visuals on Wednesday afternoon (May 29). With just the phrase "Let it go" to accompany the brief video, Perry cracked open the doorway to what looks like another of her patented visual bonanzas. "It's a place where you go to heal your heart. And let go of any remnants of energy from older relationships," a British female voice says as images of sprawling fields and a white van entering a gated mansion unfold over the soothing sounds of bubbling water and bird calls.

"It's a place of tranquility and synchronicity," she continues alongside an overhead shot of six men and women forming a star shape in a swimming pool, then a group of colorfully dressed women -- including Perry -- lay on their sides, stacking their heads in a human totem pole. "A place to unite through our broken hearts. A place to learn that there is a push and a pull."

The emphasis on healing broken hearts and relationships in a tranquil enviorment is emphasized by images of groups doing yoga in a grassy field, two women playing tug-of-war with giant pink hearts connected by chains, the odd flash of an apple stuck inside a wine bottle and two figures connected by metal ductwork sitting on stools and doing some kind of blind bonding excercise.

Just at the end, we get a brief glimpse of Perry making a triangle symbol with her hands and then the cover art for the single, which picks up on the orange hues throughout the teaser. Adding some intrigue, on Wednesday, Zedd tweeted just the name of the song, leading to speculation that he might be involved in the project.

The collaborators were first spotted together in August 2018. Clips of the pair working in the studio were included in Zedd's Australian tour recap video. The first official fruit of that labor came in the form of Zedd's obsessive love song "365." The producer even brought the singer out onstage with him at Coachella weekend 1 to perform "365" live. Spokespeople for Perry and Zedd did not respond to requests for comment on the what, if any, role Zedd had in creating the new track.

Check out the teaser below.

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