Katy Perry Has a Holiday Shoe So Delicious You Might Have to Take a Bite


The Ginja will pump you up.

Forget that lame old gingerbread house, what about a gingerbread pump? Katy Perry unveiled the latest item from her Katy Perry Collections on Tuesday (Nov. 5) and it is the perfect gift for that snacker who also loves to look stylish during the holidays. The $149 Ginja shoe is described as "inspired by Santa's favorite snack, there's nothing cookie cutter about these gingerbread pumps."

The brown high-heeled shoes feature swirls of white mixed with red and white mini ornaments has "All the TASTE and ZERO calories!" according to Perry.

Other holiday-approprate styles in the collection also include The Gifter, a red glittery bootie with a green bow, also available in green with a red bow.