Katharine McPhee Encourages Fans to Vote in Midterm Elections With Shady 'American Idol' Tweet


In the current political atmosphere that we’re all living in, voting is one the most important tools the public has for a working democracy. Throughout this year, celebrities have been encouraging their fans to vote in the upcoming congressional midterm elections to ensure that the will the people is heard.

The latest the bunch to do so is actress and singer Katharine McPhee, who encouraged her fans to make sure that they were registered to vote in their respective states. But the way the actress encouraged her fans to do so was the definition shade. Writing the simple caption “Voting matters,” McPhee posted a photo herself with American Idol season 5 winner Taylor Hicks, who beat out McPhee for the title back in 2006.

The singer has cultivated a hilarious brand through her social media -- with over 250,000 followers on Twitter, the actress regularly puts out tweets mocking her early days in the music business and referencing her work on the NBC musical series Smash. She's also been making headlines recently for her engagement to songwriter, producer and legendary hitmaker David Foster.

Check out McPhee’s tweet below: