Kate McKinnon Delivers an Unbelievably Good Hungarian Rap On 'Fallon': Watch


If you watch one video today, make it this one.

Kate McKinnon, comedian and star the movie The Spy Who Dumped Me, picked up a few tricks while filming the action flick in Budapest, Hungary — and we’re not talking about stunts.

During her appearance on Wednesday (Aug. 1) night’s episode The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, McKinnon flawlessly rapped a verse "Yozsefváros," a song released in 1995 by the Hungarian group Animal Cannibals.

While McKinnon joked that after three months dutiful practice, “I found that I could not order at a restaurant,” she ran through the rap without any hiccups or hesitation. She did, however, say that it took her a whole year to learn just that verse. McKinnon also remarked that Hungarian is the second most difficult language for English speakers to learn.

She revealed that she learned the rap from her friend, Eric, whose “technical job was to drive me to the set, but his real job was to teach me how to rap in Hungarian, which he did.”

The Spy Who Dumped Me is set to hit theaters on Friday (Aug. 3). 

Watch the clip below to see how McKinnon does.