Kat Cunning Searches For Hope After Loss in Emotional ‘For the Love’ Watch


Sometimes bad things happen to good people, and it can be debilitating to witness. But for rising pop singer and actress Kat Cunning, the important lesson lies in confronting and dealing with pain, instead of ignoring it, as she lovingly portrays in her latest video.

Cunning's "For the Love" is an emotional new ballad that details her difficult relationship with her mother and the passing of her mother's partner, Joan (to whom her new song and video are dedicated), after losing her battle with cancer the day before gay marriage became legal in New York. The song goes on to become a rallying cry for hope and strength in the face of adversity. The video (premiering below) is similarly raw, almost entirely consisting of Cunning wandering along a beachside while reliving her painful memories. 

Speaking to Billboard about putting the video together, Cunning says that she initially hadn't intended on making a video, but decided that Joan's beach house provided a perfect location to get across her message. "All I knew was that I wanted it to feel holy so she was venerated, and raw so you could hear the words," she says. "No stylist. No makeup, just the collective desire to get this story through."

The star, who fans have also seen as Sabine on Netflix's Trinkets or as Christina Fuego on HBO's The Deuce, added that the song was written shortly after President Trump was elected in 2016, saying that she felt a need to make her voice, and the voices of queer people everywhere, heard. "It was important to me to assert that I am hopeful love, empathy and inclusivity will prevail," she says. "Queer people are people. All people deserve love."

As for what's next for her, Cunning says that she's excited to release her debut EP this coming spring, along with a few acting projects that she "can't say yet." 

Check out Kat Cunning's new video for "For the Love" below: