Karol G Talks Childhood Traditions, Colombian Pride & More on ‘Growing Up Latino’


Karol G is the latest artist to take the hot seat in Billboard’s series “Growing up Latino,” where she sat down to talk all about her family traditions growing up, Colombian pride, plans for her future children and more.

At first, she got real about her English-speaking skills, saying she began to learn the language about two or three years ago. “I’m still learning English. It’s hard because it’s not my native language and I try to speak English with everybody and anywhere I can, but it’s really hard,” she says.

She then talked about the “magic” Latinos have when it comes to creating music. “We’re able to mix many different styles into one song,” she says when asked what she wants non-Latinos to understand about the Latin culture. “People have noticed the explosion of Latin music around the world at the moment. I think it comes from our mix of distinctive styles, genres and artists together on a collaboration. We’re able to give you a little bit of everything on one song.”

When it comes to splurging, the “Mi Cama” singer admits she spends the most money when she travels. “What I really spend money on is finding a nice place to stay near the sea,” she says. “When I go on trips, I like to have everything in one place. Someone to be in charge of the food, someone to keep things organized, and someone to attend to us. I need the house to be awesome, by the water, with all the amenities I need. That’s what I spend the most money on, more than clothes or anything.”

As for passing on her family traditions to her children, the Colombian star fesses up that she wants to have three or more kids. “Traditionally, my family members all had a lot of kids. Family gatherings were very important to me growing up. I have great memories of my cousins, aunts and uncles,” she says. “Hopefully, I’ll be able to make those gatherings myself. I think I’ll be one of those moms that doesn’t raise her kids with too much technology around because I didn’t have much of that growing up. I was creative and played with what I had. I’d make houses out of cardboard boxes and things like that. I want the same for my kids, so I’ll carry on that tradition.”

Growing up as a Latina meant everything for the singer, who was born in Medellin, Colombia. “I feel very proud. I think Latinos have something in us that makes us special. We’re extroverted and very friendly. And we’re happy people. When we want something, we strive and work hard for it. That makes me proud to be a Latina. I’m proud to show the world. And especially Colombia. I’m from Medellin, Colombia, and that’s something I’m very proud of,” she concludes.

Watch the entire episode of Growing Up Latino above.