Karen Waldrup’s ‘Nobody’s Runnin’ Away’ Video Is a Romantic Story With a Twist: Exclusive


Karen Waldrup channels the excitement and uncertainty in the early stages of a relationship on her infectious new single “Nobody’s Runnin’ Away.” The video for the song, which Billboard premieres exclusively today (Sept. 3), was filmed in Forest City, N.C. and plays out like a romantic comedy where two people keep running into each other in a small town.

The feel-good song features Waldrup’s soulful vocals alongside sultry horn features, a pounding drumbeat and warm guitar parts while the video is reminiscent of a film that would be featured on the Hallmark Channel. Directed by Aaron Conner (Luke Combs), Waldrup visited a quaint mountain town in North Carolina for “Nobody’s Runnin’ Away.”

"Filming the video for 'Nobody's Runnin' Away' was an opportunity of a lifetime,” Waldrup tells Billboard. “Aaron sent the idea of the male actor and I spotting each other in various parts of town until we finally bump into each other at the very last moment of the song. I loved the idea because it leaves the viewer in the exact same emotional place that we intended the song to. The viewer doesn't know if we connected or if we just said, ‘excuse me’ and walked away.”

Waldrup says she wanted the video to be “colorful” and “filled with vibrancy.” The song itself also embraces these characteristics. Penned with Ed Hill and Donnie Skaggs, Waldrup says she and her co-writers wrote about the very first moment you meet someone.

“You're not sure if they're into you or if you're into them…but nobody's running away, so that's the first sign. It was inspired by dating, love and romance and my album Justified is a ‘feel good’ album, so having a song on there about love fit perfectly,” she adds.

"I love the bridge of this tune every time I sing it. The lines, 'Part of me thinks that we outa think twice…part of me thinks we should roll the dice.' I love this line because it's life: Sometimes you have to take a risk and dive in. Each moment and decision we make in our lives boils down to that,” she says. “Should we doubt it and question? Or, should we just try it and see what happens? ‘Nobody's Runnin’ Away’ is the split second you're deciding."

“Nobody’s Runnin’ Away” is featured on Waldrup’s debut album, Justified. Released in 2018, the project was produced by Garth Fundis (Trisha Yearwood, Alabama).

Watch the new video below.