Kanye West’s "Scam" Sunday Service Scrutinized On "State Of The Culture"


Since its inception, Kanye West‘s music-orientated “Sunday Services” have been the topic of religious conversations. What first began as a celebrity-clad get-together in the back hills of Calabasas, armed with a choir directed by West himself, has grown into a cultural phenomenon. Now, West has taken his Sunday Service on the road, popping up in cities all around the United States. Ticketholders are able to get an up-close-and-personal experience with the Grammy Award-winning artist, and if fans play their cards right, they’ll see a few other famous faces in the crowd, as well.

As the world is close to giving up on waiting for Jesus Is King, Ye satisfies their hunger by rolling on with his Sunday Service concerts. The producer has taken hip hop and R&B favorites and turned them into gospel songs, a move that has often received backlash from the public. Revolt’s State of the Culture discussed Kanye’s gospel-centered gatherings and opinions were as divided on the panel as they are out in the streets.

After listening to Remy Ma and Eboni K. Williams share their thoughts on the churches profiting off of popularity, Joe interjected. “It sounds like you and Eboni are tap-dancing around that it’s all a scam, and this n*gga that we fell in love with one way is now transformed…” Joe said before Eboni interrupted him to state that she’s not “tap-dancing” around anything. “I’m saying it directly,” Eboni added. “Kanye is profiting [on] a Christian system that’s been in place.”

Joe continued, “We got that part. It sounds like you guys are using that as a crutch to not address how we feel about it,” citing that they were more concerned with the conversation about church corruption that Kanye himself. Eboni asserted that she’s made her feelings clear, while Remy asked why Joe has such a strong reaction about this now, considering religious acts such as these have been going on for generations.

Joe was adamant that he’s always felt strongly about the “scam bullsh*t that [Kanye’s] pulling on y’all people that’s naive enough to believe it.” Co-host Brandon Jenkins, who identifies as a Chrisitan, shared why he has issues with Kanye’s Sunday Services, noting that Ye isn’t even referencing a Bible or holding a teaching. According to Brandon, people are receiving a jam session hosted by Kanye West.

However, Remy, who grew up in the church, doesn’t have a problem with people gathering together to catch Kanye’s service because that just may be the stepping stone they need to change their life. Check out the clip, and the entire episode, below.