Kanye West’s "GOOD Friday" Sessions Were Subjected To David Blaine’s "Wild Magic"


Kanye West's celebrity outreach knows no limits. Unless we're given access through social media, the general public remains on the outside-looking-in. Privacy is the last tenet our Society, let alone the pencil-pushers, have any say over. When Kanye gives us access to his private dealings if comes into effect like a slalom. When he deprives us of that access, his fans lash out like they've been starved of attention.

In the case of David Blaine doing a private performance for Kanye West during the "Christian Dior Denim Flow" era, the general public was asked to wait a whole decade to gain the slightest bit of insight as to what was going on behind the scenes at GOOD HQ. According to a retrospective piece published by Briana Younger, David Blaine was taking part in one of the many "GOOD Friday" gatherings when the illusionist decided upon himself to perform "wild magic" to the astonishment of the intimate crowd.

"There was a studio session where they were recording 'Christian Dior Denim Flow' and Chris Rock was in there and so was David Blaine and he was doing all types of wild magic," Pusha-T's longtime manager Steven Victor relayed to Briana Younger. "That shit was crazy, he was bending quarters and splitting hundred dollar bills in half. Kanye was making a beat and David Blaine was doing fucking tricks."

Kanye West famously commissioned private performances by Kenny G and Lana Del Rey as a serenade to his wife Kim Kardashian. On at least one of those occasions, Kanye West made the arrangement just to even a marital score, and not because of a formality like St. Valentines, etc. Check out the other incredulous anecdotes highlighted by Younger in her piece at the link provided below the write-up.