Kanye West's "Champions" Is Now Platinum


Kanye West’s “Champions” promised for the prospective Cruel Winter compilation, is at first glance a disorderly cluster rap cameos. It appears that any doubts over its reception have been dealt a deafening blow. The record has now received platinum certification.

Kanye West fans are an especially zealous bunch, they are the type fans to take up ad space in case need be. Kanye debuted the song to his fans in attendance at a 2016 Power House concert in Los Angeles. There wasn’t a landing spot in mind for the single, until the Cruel Winter project started to take shape. “Champions” was produced by ‘Ye in cooperation with A-Trak, Lex Luger, and Mike Dean. It featured guest verses from a list performers too long to even name. Die hard Kanye fans are still holding out for the project, which is being executively produced by Travis Scott, s far as we can tell. 

Kanye has immersed himself in his ‘work’ following a mental health breakdown. Subsequently, the group has amassed in Wyoming, many the names associated with “Champion” are back in the fold. Congratulations Kanye on your accomplishment, you had it in you all along.