Kanye West Shares Videos Featuring Rhymefest, Chance The Rapper and Music Snippets at Chicago: Watch


After making his return to Instagram before this week, Kanye West spent his weekend submitting upgrades out of his Chicago homecoming, igniting some speculation about whether or not and Rhymefest have reconciled.

The pair had a falling out in May over West’s participation in their charity, Donda’s House. After the spat — where Rhymefest achieved to Drake and signaled West had apparently abandoned the company — that the title that the non-prit was shifted from Donda’s House into Art Culture, Inc. Kim Kardashian defended her spouse at a stressed back-and-forth together with his former collaborator, however # & all 039;s well that ends well — even though it takes a couple of weeks to arrive. 

On Saturday (Sept. 15), West published a movie Rhymefest greeting former NFL star Jim Brown to his Instagram.

Brown — that, such as West, has faced criticism against the African-American community for expressing his service Donald Trump — submitted a picture the band on his own Instagram, composing, “-LRB-***************************************) assembly. ”-LRB-****)

West also posted a movie on Sunday (Sept. 16) highlighting his excursion Chicago and assorted musical clips. The video includes shots West’s childhood home, a studio along with also the Chicago skyline.

Chance that the Rapper, a longtime friend and collaborator West’s and yet another Chicago indigenous, also made an appearance on West’s Instagram over the weekend, and he was also envisioned in the Avalon Regal Theater with West and Kardashian.

On Saturday, West also posted a drawing which featured branded earners, presumably the individuals present in the gathering over the weekend, such as “-LRB-************************************************),” “-LRB-****************************************),” “-LRB-***********************************) Brown,” “-LRB-******************************). Brown,” “-LRB-*******************)” (Chance’s brother, Taylor Bennett) and “-LRB-*************************************************). ”-LRB-****)

There was no ficial statement regarding West’s present participation with Art Culture, Inc. , but last week that he tweeted, “-LRB-************)’re placing a Yeezy fice in Chicago. ”-LRB-****)

Check out these upgrades from his West's hometown return beneath.