Kanye West Responds To Former Nike Designer's Plagiarism Claims


Yesterday, Kanye West and the Yeezy brand were in hot water over some alleged stolen designs. Former Nike designer and current Givenchy design director, Tony Spackman, called out Kanye for using some his sketches and presenting them as his own. Lost in the flurry incoming Ye tweets, he had previously revealed a sketch from a Yeezy meeting, excited about the future his brand. Spackman had written on his Instagram story that the design was actually his from thirteen years ago, rightfully upset that Kanye had blatantly ripped him f. According to Ye’s most recent tweets, he was unaware the plagiarism and has let go the employee responsible for presenting the sketches.

Ye took to his favorite social media website to fer a rebuttal to the plagiarism claims, noting that the work he posted was from somebody who had not spent a long time with the company. “Today I learned that a newly hired designer on the Yeezy team presented work that was not their own. This person has immediately been let go from the Yeezy brand,” said Kanye in an initial tweet. The rapper and designer continued, “In a moment inspiration, energy and excitement I had posted this sketch and would like to acknowledge the true creator this amazing work, Tony Spackman.”

Owning up to the error his ways, Kanye is praising the rightful designer the work and will likely discontinue any use the product.