Kanye West Paid $85,000 to Use a Photo of Whitney Houston's Bathroom as Pusha T's Album Cover


On Wednesday (May 23), Pusha T fired a flurry tweets regarding his hotly anticipated album Daytona — formerly known as King Push — and how this project was strictly for his “family.” The seven-track album, which features Kanye West and Rick Ross, has once again encountered another alteration: a new album cover.

In an interview with Angie Martinez earlier this week, Pusha explained how Kanye called him late Tuesday night and requested that he change the album cover. “Kanye West] changed my artwork last night at 1 a.m. because he wasn't feelin' it,” he says. Later, Pusha goes on to explain how Kanye originally enlisted a photographer to handle the cover art but later had a change heart. “The original] artwork was pictures that we all agreed on,” explains Pusha. “He picked this photographer, we took these pictures …] We picked the pictures. Great. We love it. Everything is good.”

Steadfast on changing Pusha's album cover, West fered a pricier alternative. He cajoled his G.O.O.D. Music cohort into changing the album cover and later paid $85,000 — out his own pocket — to use a 2006 photo  Whitney Houston's bathroom, according to Hip-Hop-N-More.  The ominous flick displays drugs scattered all throughout the bathroom and spraypainted figures gracing the desecrated walls. In a 2013 memoir titled Remembering Whitney, Houston's mom re-enacted the time she walked into her daughter's bathroom mortified by what she had just seen. 

“They were evil eyes, staring out like a threat. And in another room, there was a big, framed photo Nippy Whitney's nickname], Bobby Brown] and Krissi daughter Bobbi Kristina}, but someone had cut Nippy’s head right out it.” Take a look at the photo below. Also, you can check out Pusha's interview with Angie below. Daytona drops Friday. Billboard reached out to Pusha's reps for comment. 

Yes, this is also the same image from Whitney Houston's crack filled bathroom. —https://t.co/P2aCfwXbMx pic.twitter.com/8GPEg9dq6c

— Hip Hop N More (@HipHopNMore) May 24, 2018