Kanye West Once Again Hints at Second Watch The Throne Album with JAY-Z: ‘Part 2 Coming Soon’


Watch The Throne 2 is becoming one of those albums that no one knows what to believe about it. Will it happen? Is it already done? Do Kanye West and JAY-Z even speak?

According to Ye, yes, they speak, and that project is coming.

“This D’usse is brought to you by my brother Hov,” Ye said on Drink Champs. “Courtesy of The Throne. Part 2 coming soon. Hint Hint.”

Last year, Justin Laboy, announced Watch The Throne 2 will drop at the end of the year, but no album surfaced. “Watch The Throne 2 coming end of the year. Kanye & Hov about to make history AGAIN,” the Instagram relationship guru said.

He would then double down and said, “YES. HOV & YE back building again. They both rich enough to quit rapping, but the passion they share of making the fans happy got them back working.”

Could an album come or will this continue to be a mystery? Do you want to hear it?