Kanye West Offered His Own ‘Rick & Morty’ Episode


Being a noted Rick & Morty superfan, Kanye West may have received the offer of a lifetime. During a WarnerMedia event on Wednesday (May 15), R&M creators Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland told The Blast that they would love to have Kanye West come in and create his own episode of the hit show.

"We fucking love Kanye, man. Ye is a fucking kindred spirit, genius, visionary. If that guy had the support to do all the ideas he has in his head, he'd be fucking Elon Musk 2.0," Roiland said, singing Yeezy's praises.

After giving him an open invitation to come in and do some voice-over work, Harmon then chimed in and took things to the next level. “I’m giving him an episode, I’m making it official. We have 70, he can have one. Kanye, you can have an episode," he boldly declared.

Last May, Kanye gave his stamp of approval on the Rick & Morty 70-show renewal, tweeting, "This is my favorite show. I’ve seen every episode at least 5 times each."

We'll see if West can carve some time out in his schedule to make it happen. The Chicago native had already announced plans in motion for a Showtime series taking place in an "alternate reality" starring Jaden Smith as a young Kanye West.