Kanye West & James Corden Take to the Skies for Heavenly ‘Airpool Karaoke’ on ‘Late Late Show: Watch


Kanye West finally slid in next to James Corden for a "Carpool Karaoke" segment on Monday night (Oct. 28) after several false starts. But of course he couldn't just hop in a car and go for a ride around L.A., because that's what everyone else does. Instead, 'Ye and Corden boarded a plane and took to the skies to talk about marriage, God and how West's new gospel album, Jesus is King, shouldn't be such a surprise after all in a very special "Airpool Karaoke."

After some haggling over who will sit in the middle seat, the two start talking as it becomes clear the the other passengers on the flight are actually West's gospel chorus. With the direction of Jason White, they soared into a few verses of "Souls Anchored," which delights Corden as he's surrounded by more than 100 voices singing. When Corden inquires about the inspiration of West's ongoing Sunday Service gatherings, the rapper explains that when he was hospitalized in 2016, one of the things he wrote down was "start a church in Calabasas." 

The idea, West said, spurred a feeling that he needed to put God in his heart. “God’s always had a plan for me and he wanted to use me, but I think he wanted me to suffer more and wanted people to see my suffering and see my pain and put stigmas on me and have me go through all the human experiences,” West said. “So now, when I talk about how Jesus saved me, more people can relate to that experience. If it was just, ‘We grew up with this guy and he’s a superstar,’ it’s less compelling than this guy who had a mental breakdown and this guy was in debt.”

Wife Kim Kardashian West was not along for the ride, but the pair discussed marriage, which the rapper said is "heavenly," though he noted that marriage years are like dog years. "Marriage years are different than human years… you know how dog years, what is it seven years?" he said to Corden's delight. "Every marriage year is like 100 years, so it's like 500 years of marriage." 

West also said he was thankful for the family who prayed for him when he showed up at the 2009 MTV VMAs with a Hennessey bottle in hand and famously interrupted Taylor Swift's acceptance speech, even if they couldn't confront him because "I'm a grown man, I made my own mind. I actually made it this far by not listening to anybody. I don't want advice from people. But it's God who came and put this thing on my heart and said, 'Are you ready to be in service to Him?'" 

Asked if he looks back on incidents like the VMAs with regret, West said, "I have no regret and I no shame." The extended, nearly 20-minute sky-high chat also included a run through "Jesus Walks" and three other gospel tracks, as well as Kanye talking about the moment he knew he would be famous before he was famous, how he wants seven kids, prefers to stay home and night and play with his children and read the Bible before bed and how he made $115 million and still ended up $38 million in debt last year. The touch down, of course, inspired a hallelujah chorus of "Selah." 

Watch Kanye's "Airpool Karaoke" below.