Kanye West Implies Democrats Have "Brainwashed" The Culture


It’s been a few days since Kanye’s instantly-iconic interview with Big Boy arrived, and the conversation has already amassed over one million views. Though we’ve already covered a few of the notable soundbites, a recent angle has been making the rounds, signaling out Kanye’s call-out of the Democratic party. No doubt fuel for those championing Kanye as a Right Wing hero, it’s still too difficult to draw any conclusions from Yeezy’s non-sequitur-laden line of reasoning. 

Kanye West Implies Democrats Have "Brainwashed" The Culture

Michael Loccisano/Getty Images

Around the ten minute mark, Kanye dips his toes into political discourse, lamenting cultural values found within hip-hop. “The culture has you focused so much on fuckin’ somebody bitch, pulling up in a foreign, and rapping about things that could get you locked up, and then saying you about prison reform. We brainwashed out here, bro,” he explains. “Come on man, this is a free man talking. Democrats had us voting Democrat with food stamps for years, bro! What is you talking about. Guns in the eighties, taking the fathers out the homes, Plan B, lowering our votes, making us abort our children. Thou shall not kill!” Though he never quite confirms his position as a Republican, he has certainly proven vocal about his issues with the Left. 

As per usual, Kanye’s ideas arrive in quick succession, flowing in a stream-of-consciousness fashion. Near the forty-one minute mark, Yeezy reflects on a theme he has often revisited, the idea of modern-day slavery. “There’s many topics of slavery,” he explains. “We still have record contracts, publishing deals, touring deals, management deals, radio deals, that we not the owners. Until we really own our own community and really make Wakanda, this gon’ take more than a Jesus chain.” 

Check out the full interview below.