Kanye West Goes Through JFK Airport TSA Like He’s Not A Famous Billionaire


Queens, NY – Kanye West has the kind of money to not only buy a private jet but also the whole damn airport. Still, the eccentric billionaire opted to fly coach at least twice this month.

On Friday (October 8), Kanye was captured in several photos at John F. Kennedy International Airport in Queens, New York going through the TSA line, just like us mere mortals. No bodyguards or security appeared to be in the vicinity as he was forced to jump through the standard TSA hoops to get to his gate.

The timing of Kanye’s exit from New York City is interesting considering his estranged wife Kim Kardashian is hosting Saturday Night Live for the first time on Saturday (October 9).

Although the former reality television queen filed for divorce in February, rumors of a reconciliation were at a fever pitch after she showed up in a wedding dress at Ye’s Chicago Donda listening event less than two months ago.

Kanye was photographed flying economy on October 4 when he boarded a cross-country flight from Los Angeles to New York City. Shocked fans were quick to snap photos while a few more courageous ones even asked for a selfie.

As fellow artist Goody Grace wrote, “It’s not everyday you’re boarding a flight to start your first headline tour in 3 years & have a great conversation with a legend. shout out the goat @kanyewest & the universe for these moments.”

Check it out below.