Kanye West Explains What Happens In His Head During A Bipolar "Episode"


Season two of Netflix’s My Next Guest Needs No Introduction With David Letterman is underway and we’ve already posted about the traumatic revelations had by Ellen DeGeneres and now we’re here to touch on Kanye West‘s visit to the show. Kanye has previously been open about his bipolar diagnosis and during his conversation with David Letterman, he breaks down what goes on inside his head during an episode. 

“If you don’t take medication every day to keep you at a certain state, you have a potential to ramp up and it can take you to a point where you can even end up in the hospital,” Kanye explained, according to Entertainment Tonight. “And you start acting erratic, as TMZ would put it.”

Kanye West Explains What Happens In His Head During A Bipolar "Episode"
Kevin Winter/Getty Images

The “All Mine” music maker detailed how “when you ramp up, it expresses your personality more. You can become almost more adolescent in your expression.” Being as Kanye has only been diagnosed for two years now, he makes it clear that these are just his experiences. 

Things can get so bad that you can end up in the hospital, something Kanye has seemingly experienced, and the height of paranoia can take over. “When you’re in this state, you’re hyper-paranoid about everything. Everyone — this is my experience, other people have different experiences — everyone now is an actor. Everything’s a conspiracy,” Kanye said. “You feel the government is putting chips in your head. You feel you’re being recorded. You feel all these things.”

Kanye’s choice to speak out about his experience is so he can change the way people who experience theses episodes get treated, since de detailed how hospitals handcuff you, drug you, and separate you from everyone you know. “That’s something that I am so happy that I experienced myself so I can start by changing that moment.”