Kanye West Cops New Jesus Piece Chain After Dropping “JIK” Album


After another round of delays, tweaks, and setbacks, Kanye West’s highly anticipated new album, Jesus Is King, finally arrived yesterday. So to celebrate its release, Kanye is copping himself a new Jesus Piece chain to throw around his neck.

Footage has surfaced online via Steve Stoute’s United Masters company showing Kanye, Kim Kardashian and Steve shopping for a new Jesus Piece chain. The clip shows Kanye looking at various pieces and the jeweler unaware of the correlation between Kanye’s new album, Jesus Is King, and the Jesus Piece chain. Kanye goes on to say Nas once told him you always need to buy a chain when a new album comes out.

“Nas told me you gotta get a new chain every album come out,” Kanye says in the clip to the jeweler. Its unclear if ‘Ye walked out with a new chain and if so, how much he dropped for it, but it appears the purchase is imminent, especially if it’s a Jesus piece.

Check out the clip (below) and revisit the album, Jesus Is Kingright here if you haven’t done so already. What are your thoughts on the album?