Kanye West Calls Trevor Noah A ‘Koon’ For Suggesting He’s Abusing Kim Kardashian Post-Divorce


The Daily Show host Trevor Noah, who’s scheduled to host the 64th Annual Grammy Awards, has made a career out of commenting on pop culture.

On Tuesday (March 15), the South Africa-born comedian took a more serious tone when he started talking about Kanye West and Kim Kardashian’s divorce, specifically Ye’s online behavior since learning his ex-wife was in a relationship with Saturday Night Live star Pete Davidson. 

“There are some stories that I feel transcend everything, and then speak to larger conversations, and I honestly think the Kim Kardashian-Kanye West-Pete Davidson situation is turning into that. It started very much in the land of tabloid, but I feel like it’s creeping and has crept into a world that more people should pay attention to, but for the reason you may think.”

He then called Kanye’s behavior “belligerent” and brought up the controversial videos for “Eazy” in which Davidson is buried alive and decapitated.

Noah also compared the situation to his stepfather shooting his mother and suggested society should stop joking about Kardashian and Kanye’s divorce. He added, “Do we wish to stand by and watch a car crash when we thought we saw it coming?”

Kanye West obviously didn’t appreciate Noah’s sentiments and set his sights on the 38-year-old in an Instagram post on Wednesday (March 16), using racist lingo to insult him.

“All in together now,” he wrote alongside a Google search of Trevor Noah. “Koon baya my lord koon baya Koon baya my lord Koon baya Oooo’ lord Koon baya.”

Kanye West’s Instagram dig at Trevor Noah follows another flurry of posts. As part of his latest tirade, the Yeezy mogul dug up Pete Davidson’s old joke about “sex with a baby.” He also claimed Davidson wasn’t on the SNL set earlier this month because he had a meltdown after one of Kanye’s online bullying sprees.

He wrote, “Yet another reason why SKETE gotta stay away from my children. Oh and nobody noticed that he ain’t show up to SNL Because Mr. I can help you with meds had a mental breakdown after we ran him off the internet SKETE you not built for this I already blacked the Super Bowl out on you Apologize to your family for being in your family.”

Kim Kardashian filed for divorce in February 2021 after roughly eight years of marriage. The couple has four children together, which has become a point of contention as Kanye continues to accuse his ex-wife of keeping them from him.