Kanye West And "Rick & Morty's" Justin Roiland Plan Meeting Of The Minds


Kanye West must have an IQ 140 or higher, as he clearly has a firm understanding the brilliance that is Rick And Morty. Yesterday, Ye celebrated the announcement that the fan-favorite series was renewed for a staggering seventy episode extension. Claiming Rick And Morty as his favorite show, Kanye admitted to watching every episode over five times, a true fiend. Does this mean we can expect references to Rick and or Morty on his upcoming album? Only time will tell, but as now, it seems likely. 

While a reference is all in good fun, perhaps Kanye’s Rick And Morty involvement will run deeper. After seeing Ye’s praise, series co-creator and star Justin Roiland replied with equal admiration. Keeping things existential, Roiland proposed that the pair ultimately hang out, as life is, after all, merely a blink. Natrually, Kanye responded to the invite, writing “I love the way you think. I’ll reach out.”

While the idea Kanye West and Justin Roiland is exiting, one has to ponder the untold consequences this may have on the universe. At this point, it seems a foregone conclusion that Kanye will appear on an upcoming Rick And Morty episode, like Logic before him. Either way, it’s cool to know that Kanye’s sense humor remains in tact. Any Rick & Morty fans out there?