Kamaiyah Arrested For Firing Gun In Private Movie Screening: Report


It appears Kamaiyah had a little run in with the police this weekend. According to TMZ, the west coast female rapper was arrested after she accidentally fired a gun at a private movie screening.

Police say Kamaiyah was hanging out at an apartment building in the San Fernando Valley area when she and some friends made their way into the facility’s movie screening room. Not a theater, per se, but close enough. Surveillance shows a woman, who cops believe is Kamaiyah, pulling a handgun from inside her bag before letting a round go in the room. She darted shortly afterward.

None of the action was intentional however. Law enforcement say the discharge was accidental and the gun went off as Kamaiyah was playing with it. She wasn’t arguing with anyone beforehand, so there’s no reason to think the bullet was meant for anyone. It was simply an accident, but scary one at that.

Kamaiyah wasn’t arrested until just a couple weeks ago when a warrant was issued and cops located her. They found what they believe to be the same gun used at the complex. Kamaiyah was booked for felony negligent discharge of a firearm and was released on $35,000 bond.