Kailee Morgue Gets Lost in Her Mind With Hayley Kiyoko On ‘Headcase’: Listen


Pop singer Kailee Morgue knows how it feels to be caught in a spiral of sad thoughts, and wants to show her fans how it feels, too. On her new track, she’s doing just that — with the help of one of her favorite artists.

Morgue’s new track “Headcase,” out Friday (March 22), is a dreamy trip through the 20-year-old’s mind, with an assist from pop star Hayley Kiyoko.

Sampling the iconic guitar riff from The Pixies’ 1988 cult hit “Where Is My Mind,” the hazy track is an auditory representation of the singer’s bipolar disorder, detailing the constant back and forth of her emotions. “I'm a headcase/ Fucking crazy/ I'm a heartbreak/ I warned you,” the pair sing.

In a statement, Morgue said that she wanted to create a track that her fans could relate to, while also speaking to the struggle of living with bipolar disorder. “‘Headcase’ is the embodiment of the push-and-pull,” she said. “I knew I should be writing about it, since it’s a release for me and listeners. I wanted to say it, so it would be empowering to deal with this sort of mental issue. I’m not going to hide it or anything.”

Check out Kailee Morgue and Hayley Kiyoko’s new track “Headcase” below: