Kachinga's "Sky Falling" LP Arrived Just in Time for Summer, and You'll Love It


“There are things in this life we stay alive just to die for / When it comes to you, you’re my high score,” raps Manitoban-Canadian artist and Lava Cru member Kachinga on “B.C,” the first track off his album, “Sky Falling.”

“Gotta find a shell, say a solid place to dwell / The tides coming, don’t let your pride swell / The ocean tells the meanest stories of swept away glory / Rotting in the bottom of Davy Jones’s cell,” the poet continues on in verse, and the album only gets better from here.

“Sky Falling” is the artist’s first full-length release featuring strong vocals from singer Rosie Eberhard, production prowess from business partner and producer Nima Hakimzadeh, and a whole heap of heart and soul from the rapper delight.

Every track is well-articulated, with poetic lyricism that rivals that of Saul Williams, and lyrical integrity on par with Childish Gambino, who Kachinga has opened for in the past with the Canadian hip hop tribe The Lytics.

When the going gets tough, abandoning ship seems like the easiest way out of our ordeals. In his lyricism on tracks “Fluent” and spoken word on breaks “A Poet,” Kachinga discusses his lived experiences of heartache and hardship and reveals the truest lesson: there’s no such thing as losing, only winning and learning.

The album’s sonic composition pours from sound systems like a cascading waterfall of dreamy, melodic reggae beats, and the sustained metaphor repeated on the first track trickles into the rest of the songs, giving listeners assurance to be like water.

The rest of “Sky Falling” can be heard below: