Kacey Musgraves, Post Malone Drink From Shoes While In Australia: Watch


Watch Musgraves and Posty do a ‘shoey.’

Kacey Musgraves and Post Malone were initiated into Australia's touring circuit this month when both artists decided to drink from a shoe in the middle of their respective concerts.

The origin of Australia’s longstanding tradition of drinking from a shoe, or a “shoey,” is unknown, but it serves as a rite of passage for Americans touring the country.

Musgraves was pestered early on during her Oh, What a World Tour stop in Sydney to do a shoey and she refused. By the time she got to Melbourne, she gave into peer pressure by downing some tequila.

“Maybe in Sydney I wasn’t really in the mood, but it’s our last show so I’ll do one for you,” she said to screams from the audience as she held up a glass shoe filled with tequila. After chants from the crowd she chugged her drink, adding, “So, basically, you’re welcome.”

Post Malone got in on the fun, but with a fan’s sneaker. He took the shoe from the crowd, filled it with some beer and slowly chugged. Unfortunately for him, drinking from a real shoe wasn’t as enjoyable an experience. “That shoe was especially sticky,” he said.