Kacey Musgraves & Katy Perry Reunite at 2019 Met Gala


Kacey Musgraves attended the Met Gala on Monday night, where she and Katy Perry reunited on the red carpet. Musgraves, dressed as a life-size Moschino Barbie doll, was spotted hand-in-hand with the pop star for a photo where Perry’s chandelier costume quite literally lit up the room.

The theme for the Met Gala was “Camp: Notes on Fashion,” curated by Andrew Bolton, which invited guests to explore their own interpretation with over-the-top designs.

After Perry wowed the red carpet, she changed into a hamburger costume for the afterparties. Meanwhile, Musgraves’ hot-pink set of wheels further accentuated her Barbie costume. See those photos below.

Previously, the two singers have collaborated in both the writing room as well as onstage during an episode of CMT Crossroads five years ago. In their Billboard cover story in 2014, Perry admitted to doing some digging before initially meeting Musgraves.

"Stalked her on the Internet, as I do with everyone," Perry said. She then reached out to Musgraves about setting up some co-writes ahead of her 2013 Prism album.

"A good song came out of it," Musgraves told Billboard. "I love when brains come together with different colors and influences to throw into the mix. We're fans of each other, so it works."