Kacey Musgraves’ Coachella ‘Yeehaw’ Chant Didn’t Go Quite as Planned


Kacey Musgraves' smooth Coachella set had one tiny hiccup when it came to crowd participation.

For her performance at the first weekend of the festival Friday evening (April 12), Musgraves brought several Golden Hour songs and some good ol' call-and-response fun to bring the country out of the California audience.

"When I say 'yee,' you say 'haw,'" she called out, which the crowd happily did, twice.

But then they were eager to do it a third time–  without the full prompt.

"I didn't say f—ing 'yee!" Musgraves exclaimed. She shared the moment on Saturday afternoon on Twitter, to the amusement of her followers. 

"played em like a fiddle," one person commented amongst a slew of GIF and meme reactions, while another pointed out, "With all due respect, you pointed the mic at them and forgot to say yee."

See it go down in the clip below and check out some photos Musgraves shared from the set, too.