K-pop Stars SHINee Drop 10th Anniversary Set 'The Story of Light'


K-pop boy band SHINee released the finale their 10th anniversary The Story Light album series earlier this week. On Monday (Sept. 10), the Korean group dropped their compilation album The Story Light: Epilogue, based on their trio The Story Light EPs released earlier this year. Epilogue features 16 tracks, including past singles "Good Evening,"  "I Want You" and "Our Page," which were released throughout May and June and fronted the original three EPs, plus the new lush tropical house single "Countless."

Epilogue's single "Countless" was released through a video featuring SHINee's Key, Onew, Taemin, and Minho as they lounge around a brightly-hued abode, featuring prominent pearl aqua accents, interacting with a variety retro, analog objects before joining together to deliver the song's impactful chorus. Though it's not a new genre for the group to explore — and it's previously reared its head on the other The Story Light albums — "Countless" is a sophisticated take on the popular, breezy sound, with a sleek melody, reverberating strings, and rhythmic synths propelling the quartet's crisp vocals.

The album series commemorates the group's 10th anniversary since their start in May 2008 with the single "Replay." The Story Light releases are the first Korean music from the group since member Jonghyun tragically passed away last December. "Our Page" was co-written by the members as an homage to the singer-songwriter. All three The Story Light EPs previously appeared on Heatseekers chart upon their release earlier this year, with the first one peaking at No. 2 in June, the second at No. 5 the same month, and the third hitting No. 11 in July.

The trio also appeared on the World Albums and Independent Albums charts. Watch the video for SHINee's "Countless" below.