K-Pop Group Oh My Girl Explores ‘The Fifth Season (SSFWL)’ in Captivating New Watch


Spring, summer, fall, winter, and love. That’s what K-pop girl group Oh My Girl, also known as OMG, is singing about on their newest single.

Out today (May 8), “The Fifth Season (SSFWL)” is an ambient electropop track. Driven by twinkling synths and tinny beats, the single flits between sweeter moments and the dynamic, “la la la”-fronted chorus, as if emulating the ebbing of the seasons.

“The Fifth Season (SSFWL)” was released through a beautifully-shot music video that played up the seasonal vibes, featuring some members walking through wintery snow others interact with springtime flowers and foliage, all the while dressed gracefully in elegant outfits.

The single is the lead track on Oh My Girl’s first-ever Korean LP, The Fifth Season. Also released today, it features a total of 10 tracks, including an instrumental-only variant of the single.

Watch the music for "The Fifth Season (SSFWL)" below.